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In a healthy landscape, water is a valuable resource that is critical for life. In a landscape that lacks dense plant cover and soil life, water can be a harmful and destructive, eroding soil, leaching nutrients and destroying homes and infrastructure.

Increasing severity of weather events due to the heating climate is further exacerbating the effects of heavy rain and insufficient plant cover, damaging both urban and rural lands, ecosystems and communities.

Regenerative Water Management:

Slowed by leaf cover, soaked into soil that is porous and aggregated by root systems and soil biology and infiltrated into water tables or filtered through the ground and discharged into rivers and lakes.

Collected high in landscapes for use during dry periods.

Used in ways that leaves it clean or managed until it is cleaned of everything that is not a resource for natural systems.

Degenerative Water Management

Falls directly onto bare soil or hard surfaces. Rather than soaking in it flows across compacted soils, impermeable surfaces, or bare earth eroding soil it and carrying pollutants and sediment into rivers and lakes.

The speed which with the water flows away leads to increased flooding downstream.

The lack of infiltration renders the ecosystem more susceptible to drought conditions.

Water is polluted in use and not cleaned before being released into natural systems.

Livelihoods in water management and Green Infrastructure

Water Management and Green Infrastructure
Groups and Organizations

Green Infrastructure Ontario actively advocates for greening urban environments as a means of mitigating the effects of climate and ecosystem degradation

Credit Valley Conservation has been a leader in the development of Low impact Design for stormwater management 

Rainwater Harvesting and Management course at Gaia College (Online)

Living Green Infrastructure course at Gaia College (online)

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) is a conservation authority-led initiative that fosters broader implementation of technologies that protect water resources and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Canadian Association for Rainwater Management

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

SOUL Resources:

Improving and Sustaining the Performance of Living Green Infrastructure (LGI) (PDF)

Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)
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