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SOUL is the Canadian hub for organic land care accreditation, news and resources.

SOUL was formed in response to the growing need for ecologically responsible land care practices. We cultivate knowledge of organic land care and support its practice.

If you would like to get involved with SOUL, you can become a member through this website.  We rely on our members to promote SOUL's goals in their communities; there are many ways to contribute and have fun, too!

Over the coming months SOUL will be hosting an online discussion and learning series on the role of land care, horticulture and landscaping in cultivating social and land equity.

The field of horticulture directly or indirectly influences almost all urban greenspaces. This influence can be put to work in developing solutions to a variety of issues:

  • Over half of the Indigenous people within Canada live in urban communities and most have little or no access to land and greenspaces.
  • Food insecurity is rampant within Canada and particularly affects racialized communities, the majority of whom do not have access to land to grow food for themselves, or to grow and sell food within the community.
  • The broad displacement of native plant species has widely recognized ecological impacts, especially for pollinator populations. Their displacement also has cultural implications for the Indigenous Peoples who have lived in relationship with those species for millennia.
  • The resources consumed in our projects are sourced somewhere. Learning about their sourcing and lifecycles can allow us to influence landscapes beyond the boundaries of our project sites.


The Organic Land Care Standard

The Organic Land Care Standard is a technical and goals based document that was first introduced by SOUL in 2003 to address the need for a tool to support a successful transition toward sustainable land care practices by individuals, community, industry and government.

The Organic land care standard is updated regularly to remain in alignment with the Canadian Organic Standard.

Organic land care is the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes using practices and products that preserve and support the health of ecosystems and human communities.

Read more and download the full document here...

Organic Land Care for Your Community

A Step-by-Step Guide for Community Members Working to Change Municipal Policies for a Greener Future

Organic Urban Land Care is much more than simply restricting the use of synthetic chemicals, it is working with natural systems to create healthy and resilient landscapes. It is a process of planning and caring for spaces with an ecosystem approach, relying on various elements of that ecosystem to support each other so there are fewer inputs needed and less waste produced. At its core, Organic Land Care is about increasing the biodiversity and subsequent resiliency and function of landscapes.



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