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There is no better time than now to position your business at the leading edge of your profession.  As a SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional you truly set yourself apart!


The Certified Organic Land Care Professional designation builds on the Organic Land Care Accreditation.  In addition to completing the accreditation course and passing the accreditation exam, Certified Organic Land Care Professionals must demonstrate substantial experience over 2 years after getting the Accredited Practitioner designation and advanced education in the principles and practices of Organic Land Care.

Step 1 - Becoming a Accredited Organic Land Care Professional

Certified Professional applicants must be an Accredited Organic Land Care Professional for a minimum of 2 years.

Step 2 - Advanced Education

Completion of a significant program of education in some aspect of organic land care, such as a degree, diploma or similar qualification.  A list of pre-approved programs is available HERE. Other programs will be considered by the Certification Committee. Note: There is no time limit on completing the Advanced Education.

Step 3 - Experience

After becoming an Accredited Practitioner, at least 2 years of experience in organic land care, with 2 letters of attestation from employers, customers, and/or colleagues.


Step 4 - Apply for Certification
Complete the Certification Application (available once you login) and pay the $200 certification fee.


Step 5 - Renew Your Certification on an Annual Basis

Certification must be renewed annually (one year from purchase or renewal date). The $200.00 annual fee includes your professional membership in SOUL.


Certification renewal also requires 6 continuing education hours per year. Continuing education may be on any aspect of sustainable land care practices. Workshops as well as formal classroom and online education are acceptable.



Certification $200.00

Certification renewal $200.00 / year

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