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The landscape industry is undergoing rapid change as it responds to a growing demand for organic practices.  In order to assist the public to make an informed selection of services, SOUL provides a process of accreditation for landscape professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of Organic Land Care. SOUL Accredited Organic Land Care Practitioners have completed an intensive training course in Organic Land Care, and passed the SOUL accreditation exam.


The SOUL Accredited Organic Land Care qualification corresponds to the accreditations available through Northeastern Organic Farmer's Association (NOFA).


Organic Land Care Accreditation:

  1. Distinguishes you as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional

  2. Awards you with a professional designation

  3. Creates peace of mind for your clients

  4. Promotes your services

  5. Facilitates interaction with other knowledgeable professionals 

Step 1 - Education
Complete one of the pre-approved educational requirements.

SOUL accreditation provides a common thread in organic land use decision making and allows practitioners to speak a common language and use the same framework to inform those decisions. SOUL invites certification for professionals from many sectors, such as environmental and eco-agriculture. The requirement to complete one of the courses listed above, ensures that all professionals have a common understanding of organic land care, which ultimately unites the different specialties.

Step 2 - Apply to write the Exam
The exams are primarily written online. If you need to write in an in-person setting, please email us to make the arrangements. For online exams, the fee is $200, which includes the proctoring fee, one re-write, if needed, and a 1 year SOUL membership, which will be converted to Accredited Practitioner status upon your successful completion of the exam. Register here for the exam and we will contact you regarding proof of education and scheduling a time for your exam.

Step 3 - Write the Exam

Remember to bring a piece of government issued photo I.D. and the exam authorization form/email with you to the exam.

The exam is composed of 600 questions. 

1. Each question has four true/false choices and more than one of them may be true or false.
2. You will receive one point for each correct answer you select (correctly true or false) for a maximum score of 600 points. Requirement to pass is 480 of 600 points or 80%.
3. In effect, the exam questions are a hybrid between multiple choice and true/false questions.

You have 3 hours to complete the exam.

A mark of 80% is required to pass the exam. One exam re-write within a year is free, each re-try after that is $75. 

Step 4 - Renew your Accreditation on an Annual Basis:
Accreditation must be renewed each year (one year after purchase or renewal). The $100.00 annual fee includes your professional membership in SOUL.

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