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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Homemade Mulch in Your Garden

20 Aug 2018 9:46 AM | Anonymous

If you enjoy having a weed infested garden, then mulching is not for you. Mulching is not only good for your yard and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also good for your lawn's soil and the plants you have living within your garden. Mulch can be made from anything organic - meaning that all the materials you need are readily available and can be collected from all around. You can start by collecting leaves in the fall. Regardless of the other organic materials you are planning on using, leaves will definitely make for a strong base for your mulch, add essential nutrients to the soil and protect the new plants from weeds. 

Mulch prevents weeds from proliferating in your yard by forming an artificial barrier between your soil and their space above it, landscapers far and wide should be familiar with its benefits. These benefits include a unique ability to maintain soil temperatures and conserve water, while stifling weed growth and promoting garden health. 

These abilities allow mulch to control the level of moisture present in the soil and stop water from evaporating from the soil, moderating the temperature of the soil and making it easier for plant roots to stay cool. 

There is no standard mulch, however, so it's all about taking into consideration the number of factors at play in your yard when it comes time to choose what to include in the mulch for your lawn and how much to use for a given area.

Check out this infographic for reasons why you should use homemade mulch on your garden and lawn. 

~Submitted by Timberland Tree Care

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