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Three Free Ebooks from SOUL

We have published three incredible ebooks absolutely free! They can be downloaded in pdf format.

Organic Gardening - Smiling Gardener

Phil is a former SOUL Director who has an amazing website with a free series of lessons you should check out entitled 15 Vital Lessons For Becoming A Better Gardener.

Veganic Agriculture Network

Animal-based fertilizers, like manure and blood meal, often come from animals that were not raised organically. They may have been exposed to chemicals, GMO feed, hormones, and antibiotics. Veganic growers can maintain fertility on their own holding using completely organic plant-based techniques, ensuring that the entire cycle of agriculture is 100% organic.

Organic Land Care for Your Community

A document developed for members of the public to use as a road map for working with their municipal government to adopt organic land care policies on public lands.

The Connection Between Landscapes and Health

This booklet from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre explores many aspects of how our environment is an important factor in our health and how the Sunnybrook Environmental Services team works to support the health of the staff and clients at Sunnybrook through the creation and maintenance of a vibrant, organically managed landscape.

Turf Wars - Organic turf management in the United Kingdom and North America (PDF)

As Canadian groundskeepers wage a verbal war about the pros and cons of organic turf management, the final has already been lost – or reconciled – in other parts of the world.

Give your lawn an organic makeover (PDF)

Now that most of summer’s long, hot days are past for another year, it’s a good time to start thinking about the lawn once again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean lime, weed-killing chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, says Christina Nikolic.

Irrigation Scheduling Tutorial and On-Line Calculator

As a service to our communities we [Gaia College] have made our irrigation calculator available free of charge. This calculator is of direct benefit to anyone who designs, installs or uses irrigation systems.

Effects of synthetic fertilizers on the soil ecosystem (PDF)

Schematic representations of the nitrogen cycle often make it look as if the nitrogen undergoes simple chemical reactions to change from one form to another. However, while many chemical reactions do take place in the soil, the nitrogen conversions occur primarily through the action of soil organisms.

Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers

Our objective is to encourage organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to quality organic farming content online, while upgrading farmers' capacities to access that information.

The Green Sward, Fall 2016

The Green Sward is the official publication of the Ontario Parks Association. The Fall 2016 issue includes the Organic Land Care Case Study, June 2007 - 2015, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Five Steps to Make Your Planet a Healthier Place to Live

Natural Yard Care from the City of Seattle.

Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)
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