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SOUL Organic Land Care Standard 7th Edition - 2016

The SOUL Organic Land Care Standard is the Code of Conduct adopted by Organic Land Care professionals certified by SOUL. This document also acts as a guideline and resource for all who are interested in Organic Land Care.

This Standard was developed in consultation with many landscape professionals across the world. Like all standards it is a living document, and subject to change in the light of further experience with Organic Land Care.

Quote from Chris Morrison, SOUL Accredited Practitioner, ISA Certified Arborist

"I am presently focused on how we can create greater sustainability in all future land developments.  Urbanization (suburbia) has created numerous chronic environmental problems which will never be fully solved.  Not much has changed in how we develop land over the last 50 years.  My belief is that it is of far greater value at this time to focus on how we develop land from this point on so we don't continue to create the problems of the past.  The SOUL Organic Land Care Standard fits in with this approach which focuses heavily on the benefits of healthy functioning urban soils for supporting the urban forest, being a significant component of storm water management, preventing erosion, etc."

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