Society for
Organic Urban
Land Care

Organic Land Care is the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes using practices and products that preserve and support the health of ecosystems and human communities. Landscapes include natural and created environments including home gardens, parks, campuses, woodlands etc., in urban, rural and suburban settings under human management, and includes the use of edible and ornamental plants.

The Organic Land Care Practitioner:

  1. Works with natural systems and processes to encourage and enhance biological diversity and native habitats;
  2. Optimizes and maintains the life supporting properties of soil, air and water;
  3. Utilizes renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials from local sources and minimizes waste;
  4. Considers the wider social and ecological impacts of landscapes and the practices and products used to create and maintain them.

These principles are shared by the Northeast Organic Farming Association OLC, the Society for Organic Urban Land Care, and Oregon Tilth OLC. Please reference each organization’s policies and standards to learn how these principles are applied.

Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL)
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