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GMOs are genetically modified (also called genetically engineered) organisms. Genetically engineered plants now contaminate many of our staple foods. Their seeds and other plant parts are also ground into "organic" fertilizers and applied to fields and landscapes.

These products commonly used as fertilizers are with great certainty contaminated with GMOs (in North America):
• All corn meal / corn gluten meal
• All cotton seed meal
• All canola meal
• All soybean meal
• Some alfalfa meal

Genetically modified organisms, or any products derived from them, are not permitted to be used under any organic standard anywhere in the world, including the SOUL Organic Land Care Standard.

gmThe following links are meant to provide you with the most current research on the use and effect of GMOS in the environment.

The World According to Monsanto (Documentary)

A new movie has dealt yet another severe blow to the credibility of US based Monsanto, one of the biggest chemical companies in the world and the provider of the seed technology for 90 percent of the world’s genetically engineered (GE) crops. The French documentary, called “The world according to Monsanto” and directed by independent filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, paints a grim picture of a company with a long track record of environmental crimes and health scandals.

The Dangers and Solutions of GMO Foods

In this short video interview, expert Jeffry M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller 'Seeds of Deception' and 'Genetic Roulette', presents shocking evidence why genetically modified crops may lead to health and environmental catastrophes and what we can do about it.

Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of our Lives

This sometimes shocking film may change your diet, help you protect your family and accelerate the consumer tipping point against genetically modified organisms.

Institute for Responsible Technology

The most up-to-date research on GMO's



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